How to choose the perfect hairstyle.

The choice of hairstyle depends on many factors, and in order to find the perfect option, you need to take them all into account, choosing the best solution for yourself.

Factors that mainly affect the choice of hairstyle:

Face Type

Ovals, rectangles, rhombuses, and other geometric shapes that visually resemble the outline of your face are called the face type. It has a great influence when choosing a hairstyle.

The most proportional and harmonious most people perceive an oval face. This is the standard to which you need to strive, correcting the shape of the face.

However, on the contrary, you can play on the contrast, and break the rules to cause a sense of dissonance and emphasize the unusual appearance of your appearance. It all depends on your aspirations, which is more important for you: to bring your face closer to the ideal or to attract attention with your dissimilarity.

In any case, to learn how to break the rules, you first need to study them and learn how to use them.



When choosing haircuts and hairstyles, it is important to take into account your height in order to be able to adjust it at will.


Features of the face and head

The choice of hairstyle affects not only the type of face, but also its features. You should take into account the large or thin features of the face, the shape of the head, how much your face corresponds to the golden ratio, that is, how much it is proportional (the length and width of the nose, the width and height of the forehead, and so on).

Body type and features

The parameters of the figure, its proportionality, volume, and structure are also important when choosing haircuts and hairstyles. Hairstyle is not as good at helping to adjust the figure as clothing, but it is able to emphasize its features.



Hairstyles that will look great and interesting on a young girl may be inappropriate or even ridiculous on an older woman and vice versa. Although, you can use a seemingly age-inappropriate hairstyle to create an extravagant or, for example, a prim image.



When choosing a hairstyle, it is important to take into account not only the features of your appearance, but also how it is perceived by others. You can choose an option that will cause a sense of harmony of the image, or you can cause shock to others and attract additional attention to your person.

Hair structure and other features

The ideal hairstyle can not be chosen, if you do not take into account how long the hair can be, curly or straight, thick or thin, as well as the condition of the scalp (a tendency to greasiness, the presence of dandruff, and so on) and the general condition of the hair (split ends, fragility, and so on).



Depending on who you work with, the severity of the hairstyle selection will also change. Creative people can be allowed to experiment, moreover, even need to look bright. It is important for managers to look solid. Psychologists have to win over you. Each job has its own specifics, its own audience, and ideally you need to adapt to it, so that the hairstyle works for you and helps you move up the career ladder.



The hairstyle can reflect your true character if you want to find your style. Or give people the impression that you have certain character traits that you may not actually have if you create your image.

Romantic curls for a dreamy girl, a cropped square for a serious business lady, a ragged men's haircut for a daring biker. Styling and haircuts can convey absolutely any character traits. If you find it difficult to figure out which hairstyle will best convey your temperament, contact the film industry. As a rule, the hairstyles of the characters convey their inner world well. Mentally trying on images for yourself, you can not only find your own version of the hairstyle and learn how to create the right impression on others, but also better understand yourself.



Fashion is as important an element that shapes a person's style as appearance or inner world. In fashion, there are two extremes: a clear adherence to the fashion of the past years, to create a retro image, or compliance with current fashion trends. The first option is suitable if you want to draw attention to yourself. The second one will show that you are keeping up with the times.

But fashion can not be followed blindly, there are always a large number of alternatives, many hairstyles are classics that have not gone out of fashion for many years. Therefore, if something fashionable does not suit your appearance, age, taste or any other criterion, look for your own version, make adjustments, play someone else's game according to your own rules.


If the hairstyle adorns your appearance, then others will not be able to understand whether it corresponds to your taste or not. It is important that you yourself may feel uncomfortable with a hairstyle that you do not like. You will feel what makes you what you are not. Light discomfort, although it does not allow you to relax, but it definitely does not add to your self-confidence. So don't let the choice be made for you.